Lynda Martin

Lincolnshire Artist


Lynda Martin is a Lincolnshire Artist who has her work displayed in peoples’ homes around the World.  A retired lady living with her husband Peter in the quiet and secluded Hamlet of Sturgate, an idyllic and isolated part of the Lincolnshire countryside where pheasants, herons, hawks and other wildlife are an everyday sight to see.

Lynda initially started painting in the mid 1970’s but, both family and full-time employment did not allow her to continue with her art. In 2000, Lynda became seriously ill with cancer and, after intense treatment, Lynda returned to painting to help her in her recovery.

Lynda’s favourite medium being Gouache, also paints using Watercolour, Oils, Acrylic, Pencil Ink & Pastels. Concentrating mainly on animals, Lynda also covers an assortment of other subjects i.e.:- Pet Portraits, Wildlife, WW2 Aircraft & Landscapes which can be seen when viewing Lynda’s Gallery.

All paintings are mounted and Framed.